Monday, March 8, 2010

March Newsletter

In case you missed our February Newsletter, here is a re-cap for all the bloggers!

Top 5 Wedding Day Tips...
Plan for Snacks

This should be a major priority for you. Your wedding party will be hungry, no matter what time of day, so plan on snacks and drinks. Have a friend responsible to bring the food, set it up and clean it up. It's the perfect job for a helpful aunt or family friend.

Make a "WOW" with Linens
It's the easiest bang for the buck. You can transform any room from standard white to your specific style. At a recent wedding we monogrammed chair covers for a reception with thebride's new initial.

Practice the Bustle

After "I do" everything happens so fast that people forget the importance of knowing the bustle by heart. Each dress is different and too many times we've resorted to safety pins so the bride could walk (and dance!) in her dress. Practice makes perfect!

Empty Cars
Make sure your family comes to the reception with empty cars. You will have to bring back candles, cake knives, presents, centerpieces...and you will need every inch of space!
Hire an Experienced Planner

A wedding planner has a variety of roles and allows you to not worry about the details-like when the wedding cake will be delivered, giving the band directions, calling the limo driver to update him on the departure time, etc., etc, etc. The services of a good planner allow you-and your family to fully enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

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