Thursday, February 3, 2011


Vintage and Rustic All the way!

Brides are having a huge trend towards vintage and rustic weddings right now.

Mason jars for drinks, an old sewing table for a registry table, wooden boxes as vases, pitchers, lace, loose floral is beautiful and lends itself to a very casual elegance. The vintage flair adds the elegance, but the rustic elements keep it casual and not looking too much like Grandma's attic!

I had a bride recently say, "I want guests to open the doors and think that is always how we have the house look." We are using ladders to hold vintage photos, wooden signs, chalkboards, handkerchiefs to tie around bouquets, mason jars with a logo for lemonade/tea, and burlap much fun!

The fun thing is the colors can change, but the style stays the same. You can go: wildflowers of various colors (yellows, blues...anything and everything), stay with all white (baby's breath, hydragea, or even use the vases to add color of old wine bottles, blue mason jars, etc.) , or have soft colors (pinks, champagne, creams....and keep it light). Everything will bounce off the woods with such beauty!

We can't wait to start posting the pictures of the weddings we are working on after they are completed :)

Happy Wedding!

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