Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Vendors :(

I have to do an honest blog today because we really know there is an issue among wedding planners and vendors that brides need to be aware of. I'm about to break the here goes!

A lot of brides get a wedding planner after booking vendors which can be a huge mistake. Here's a typical conversation between a planner and bride/MOB:
The Bride/MOB- "I've booked this person and this person, what do you think?"
The Planner-usually two options-
"Oh I LOVE them. It's who I'd recommend anyways" OR...
"Have you paid deposits and confirmed everything?"

The first response is the good answer, but the latter usually means you probably shouldn't have booked them. We are in a tough position because we know the budget cannot stand to loose deposits, or even hurt a relationship with a vendor. Let me elaborate on the relationship again- we just know that by the time the bride has interviewed vendors, selected someone, paid deposits, confirmed things...they are very set that they made the right decision. To break that bond can be difficult. What we've learned is, the brides are just wanting us to confirm their choice and not really question it at all.

As planners, we know the ins-and-outs of all vendors, but are sometimes bound by relationships and already paid to break those bonds- book a planner first.

Sometimes a bride will book a "day of" or "month of" package, but know there are a lot of risks with this package. Our hands are tied even more in those packages unfortunately. First because the bride is not using the expertise of the planners experience with vendor selections, but also because they have been cultivating this relationship with vendors for usually over a year. When it comes time to have planners take over the communications that last month, it can be very tricky for both the vendors and MOB's to let go. We've even had vendors continue to pester the MOB even after being told by both parties to only speak to the planner...sad but true.

So- here's the truth: book a planner first and do it early! Happy wedding!

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