Friday, March 25, 2011

How much does that extra wedding guest cost me?

A bride will get the ring, book a venue, and start picking vendors. After the initial decisions are made..they start to finalize that guest list and realize it's a lot more than they thought! It can happen so fast! Between the future in-laws, the couple's friends, lost relatives, adds up fast! Ever wonder how much those extra guests actually cost though?...Here's a look:

table $12 ($1.20 per each person)
tablecloth $22 ($2.20 per each person)
chairs $3 each
centerpiece $38 ($3.80 per person)
Food $22 + tip/service charge ($26.40 per person)
Alcohol - sodas $10 per person
Wedding cake $2.40 a slice
$49, but with tax...
$52.43 per person OR $104.86 per couple!!
(This is even a very inexpensive menu too...and doesn't include wedding attire, room rental, bouquets, band, photographer, rings, etc.)

It sure does make a bride re-think inviting those long-distance relatives or extra co-workers.
A bride shouldn't need to be introduced to guests...Wouldn't you want to only be surrounded by your closest family and friends that support you as a couple anyways?
The easiest way to cut a budget is to cut the guest list....keep that in mind :)
Happy Wedding!

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