Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tissue paper poms!

Need some extra color or hanging items to a wedding or party, but short on budget...tissue paper poms are the perfect option!
diy pom poms

Want to hang over a dance floor? Just rent poles and metal bases from a rental company and have then hang string from the different poles. Then just hang the poms.... viola- instant decor over the dance area
You could make smaller ones for decorative accents or hang from a chandelier.
You could even make them out of fabric to a very special touch! With a huge trend towards "homemade" and original items...these are perfect!
You could also use for a birthday party or wedding shower too!

You can order from or even make yourself. Want to know how...check out the links below!:

even a youtube video to show an actual step-by-step:

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