Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rustic vs. Vintage Game

Instead of the traditional blog today...we are going to make a game out of it :)

We have so many brides wanting "vintage" and "rustic", but there are so many different versions. We thought we'd take this Friday to describe the different versions on vintage. A wedding can be a combination, but take a look at the pictures and see if you can see the differences in the styles:

Rustic- old wooden furniture, chalkboards, antique coke crates, rusted lanterns, wooden signs, burlap, twine, not as feminine as the others

Southern- means touches of cotton, mason jars, folding fans (can be in additional to the other styles)

Vintage-antique china, old scales, and vignettes, can be in combination with shabby chic

Shabby Chic- distressed white wooden furniture pieces, "garden"-like, faded floral prints, usually whites or pale colors

Anthropologie- Bohemian, mix of funky/modern and vintage, floral prints, and some "modern" aspects like a modern white frame of a vintage floral print fabric or a very traditional scroll mirrored that was painted a bright white

Game Time!! Here's some pics....can you tell the specific style?

Answers: anthropologie, rustic, rustic, vintage, traditional southern, shabby chic, southern rustic, anthropologie
I hope that helps!!

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