Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tips on planning a Bridal Shower

Kitchen Shower-
Fiesta Shower

Traditional Bridal Shower Brunch

I know it can be a struggle planning a bridal here's some tips:

1. Decide a budget- get a guest list from the bride, number of hosts and amount you'd like to spend per person. This is crucial! Having 11 hosts and each giving $100 really makes a great party budget, but if there are only 4 hosts: you'll either need to keep the guest list small or pay a lot per host. This will determine whether it is catered or everybody brings a dish; or if it is at a pricey restaurant or at a hostess' home...etc.

2. Get a distinct style first- A theme really helps the planning process. It lets all the hosts know what to expect, the kind of menu needed, attire...everything. You can come up with a style that represents the couple, or use a similar style to the wedding to coordinate..need some help? Here are some examples:
traditional springtime brunch
couples BBQ
intimate luncheon at a favorite restaurant

Want out-of-the-box? You could do:
a mexican fiesta- margaritas and a taco bar really say fun and relaxing. This would be a great couple's shower or a fun girls night too
spa day -mimosas and manicures for example or even massages if you are feeling luxury! This can be done at a personal home or at a favorite salon
a cooking class with a chef- he'll provide the food and cooking tips and you can shower the bride-to-be with kitchen essentials
a wine tasting- you could have a local wine connoisseur explain different wines- you could provide dips and shower the couple with all their bar needs
a recipe shower- have all the hosts make a favorite item and have all the guests bring kitchen necessities and attach their favorite recipe the end of the night: collect them all to make a keepsake recipe book

3. Make an impact with paper- You can coordinate all the paper products (including invitations, buffet labels, water bottle labels...everything). To keep cost down: check out and search "printable party packages" and you'll come up with plenty of options and well within any budget

4. Provide a favor...if you can- For a kitchen shower, for example, you could give all the guests a group of measuring cups with a tag attaching thanking them for celebrating with the bride. You could buy them at the dollar store and make an amazing impression with under $20!

Happy Planning!

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