Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ahoy Matey!!

I know when you hear Signature Occasions, you think weddings...but we do so many events too. From both adult and children's birthday parties to anniversary and fundraising events. We actually have a children's party that will be featured in VIP magazine excited!! It can be so tough to plan an adorable boy birthday though, but even a pirate birthday can be exceptional. Below are some tips:

To start the party with a bang: have goody bags lined up at the door to dress each guest as a pirate! This could include items like an eye patch, bandanna, sword, and or course a loot bag.

Need activities:
1. Have the kids "walk the plank" by setting up a wooden board on blocks and having them walk across the shark-infested waters!
2. Serve oranges to help fight scurvy! I always try and incorporate fruit and this is a fun way.
3. Do an obstacle course that can include swabbing the deck (push a ball with a mop into a bucket), then hopping on a pegleg (hopping on one foot), to the last station where they have to dig for treasure (put sand in a large bucket and they have to find a treasure or golden coin).
4. or for older kids: break into groups and have a treasure hunt (you can use a picture treasure map to make it easier for younger children too)
5. Pin the eye patch on the pirate
6. Have boat races by taking a rain gutter, closing the ends, adding water and have them blow their boats to the end while being timed...the fastest boat wins!

Decorations? Use a lot of black, red, and burlap. For example a red cloth with a black and white stripe topper...and of course decorate with traditional pirate ships, gold coins and all the kids favorites!

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